Best SEO Audit Tools

In search engines, for successful promotion, it is necessary that the site fully meets the criteria of modern ranking algorithms. There are many SEO opportunities, and the choice of actions depends on the goals and budget. SEO audit allows you to identify all errors at the initial stage and make sure that everything is done correctly.

In the search and analysis of errors on the site, and the presentation of ways to solve them. The analysis is carried out for the entire structure of the site, primarily for the most important elements: page structure, meta tags, headings, code, linking, layout and content structure.

A professional SEO audit also includes additional site-wide solutions, the implementation of which will improve the overall visibility of the site. For example, new elements on the page that will improve the visibility of the page in search engines and increase the usefulness of the content for users.

  • SEO audit can point out the reasons for the drop in traffic and find ways to eliminate them.
  • The audit will reveal duplicate pages, the presence of black promotion methods and broken links.
  • Indicates errors in setting up a web server or CMS-system, as well as in optimizing for the mobile version.

Many errors are almost invisible to visitors, but can significantly affect the perception of the site through the search engine. The changes made allow faster indexing of content on the site, which directly affects high positions and increases sales.

SEO audits should be done regularly. Necessarily before starting the promotion and for the purpose of analyzing the development of the site. If you make significant changes to the site structure, it is recommended to re-conduct the SEO audit.

Sooner or later websites will cease to bring stable profit. It’s the right time to think about its audit. There is a list of the best SEO audit tools. They are used to help to identify weaknesses in your site. Also they point out an inaccurate operation. There is a fixed set of measures, which are used  for a comprehensive analysis. It’s not difficult to find potential problems. Also existing ones. All this information must be eliminated in order to get the successful promotion of your site.

SEO audit helps to generally determine the suitability of the site for promotion. It’s used to eliminate the main list of factors, which are aimed to prevent your site from getting high positions in the search results.

There are numerous problems on the site. They can be found in different ways. They can be in incorrectly filled meta tags. And also they can have serious flaws in the code. With the help of a well-conducted audit the site will be more attractive from the point of view of search engines. Using these methods you can get an opportunity to significantly improve your current positions for key queries. Also in such a way users can get more targeted visitors. As a result, sales also would be increased.

To achieve high positions in the search engines it’s impossible without some factors. Experienced VIPRO specialists give recommendations on how to improve the ranking of your site based on the analysis of the following criteria:

  • problems indexation, number and quality of pages in SERP, analysis of robots.txt sitemap.xml files;
  • recommendations and errors, which are based on data analysis in the webmaster panel. They can be found in Google Webmaster Tools;
  • presence of duplicate pages, mirrors and glued domains;
  • presence of correct loading of pages and server responses,broken links, correct handling of 404 errors on the site;
  • compliance with standards by analysis of the source code;
  • correctness and relevance of page titles, meta tags correct filling;
  • analysis of texts on the site and site navigation;
  • analysis of the current positions in the main search engines, reviews on other sites, presence in directories;
  • more points up to the topic and objectives of the site.

In common professionals should control a huge number of factors. They appear in the way of the ranking of your site and it’s increase. These factors are an obstacle. They are used to prevent sites from ranking in search engines and getting high positions. After a proper SEO audit all the sites get much higher positions in the search. Due to comprehensive optimization, SEO audit also helps to solve urgent problems. It’s important for the development of the site.

The main result of SEO audit is  efficient website performance. Those who plan to promote your site in search engines. If in the nearest future, must use the SEO audit. And it must be conducted before this. With the help of it can significantly save the promotion budget. it can be used to quickly reach the TOP of search engines.

The problem of most webmasters is not understanding what a site audit gives. And that’s bad. After all, just creating a website is not enough. We need to promote it. And for this it is not enough to read a couple of articles on SEO theory and think that after that you will definitely achieve success and your site will immediately conquer the search results, become popular and begin to bring fabulous income. You need to look at things realistically – on the Internet there are hundreds of thousands of web resources of the same subject matter as yours. Many of them are promoted by teams of professional optimizers and, by and large, you will not keep up with them if you do not draw up a clear action plan. This is why you need a site audit! And now we will finally convince you of this. SEO audit is the initial assessment of a site to identify errors on the resource that prevent promotion and output to the top.

Reasons for an SEO audit:

  • Low traffic to the resource;
  • Development of a promotion strategy with a small budget;
  • Suspicion of falling under the filter;
  • Loss of pages from indexing;
  • Positions for key queries are far from visibility;
  • Development of a general promotion strategy;
  • Lack of sales.

Comprehensive SEO audit services:

  • Internal optimization analysis;
  • Analysis of compliance with the requirements of search engines;
  • Analysis of behavioral factors;
  • Checking the completeness of page indexing;
  • Semantic core check;
  • Check for sanctions;
  • Search for “broken” links;
  • Viewing sites that may be competitors in high positions;
  • Domain name history analysis;
  • Identification of possible redirects;
  • Analysis of the commercial component;
  • Recommendations for eliminating deficiencies.

In general, it is up to the customer to decide whether to conduct an audit or not. The problems, in order to eliminate which it is worth conducting an audit, are indicated above. More and more customers understand the value of audit and feel the results after the identified errors are eliminated.

Here is the list of best SEO audit tools.

SEO audit tools


Serpstat: наш обзор SEO-платформы Серпстат — блог Indigo

This is functional service, which is suitable for both site owners. Also it’s used by specialists who are working in online promotion field. It’s perfect service, which helps to analyze competitors, audit site, collect semantics, analyze links and monitor positions. The frequency of the keyword can also be checked.

Key features:

  • analysis and search of competitors in the industry;
  • keywords selection;
  • site positions assessment in dynamics;
  • backlinks checkups;
  • key phrases analysis in contextual advertising.

Price: for users is available a free plan, which has limited functionality. There is a paid plan, which is from $ 69 to $ 499 per month.


Ahrefs - SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

It’s a wide set of SEO tools. They are used for analyzing competitors. With the help of this too; can be improved search engine traffic.

Main functions:

  • the competition’s analysis;
  • keywords selection;
  • backlinks checking ;
  • seo-analysis of the site online;
  • site positions checking .

Price is varied from $ 99 – $ 999 per month. The price of 7-day test is $ 7. As for free tools, they have  reduced functionality.


SimilarWeb Review [2022] Pricing / Features / Alternative

This is one of the best SEO audit tools. It’s used in order to analyze competitors’ traffic according to various indicators.

Main functions:

  • monthly traffic of any site analysis;
  • traffic sources analysis;
  • the ratio of organic and paid traffic analysis;
  • several sites comparison.

Price varies from $ 167 per month. Upon request the users can get the cost of a premium account.


Semrush — интернет-маркетинг вам по силам

For SEO professionals it’s one of the most versatile seo site audit tool. There are also tools which help to analyze paid traffic, content and SMM.

Main functions:

  • the competitors comparison;
  • analytical reports;
  • keywords search;
  • positions tracking.

Price varies from $ 100 to $ 375 per month.

SEO tools for technical analysis

Google Search Console

How to Use Google Search Console to Improve Your Search Ranking - ClickDimensions

This is a webmaster service. It was produced by the search giant. And it needs no introduction. This tool to every SEO professional would definitely be recommended by any seasoned webmaster. You can do SEO site analysis with Google Search Console with for free.

Key features:

  • search queries analysis;
  • external and internal links analysis;
  • viewing the look of your site on mobile devices;
  • errors on the site search;
  • crawling web pages (you can find out if your site is accessible to the Google crawler).

Price: It’s available for free.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog releases SEO Spider version 12.0

This desktop program helps to crawl links, images, scripts. It’s also used for other site evaluation. With the help of this program can be conducted a technical audit of your website.

Main functions:

  • broken links search;
  • meta tags and titles analysis;
  • XML Sitemap files creation;
  • duplicate content definition.

Operating systems: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu.

Price: it may vary from £ 149 per year (~ $ 207 per year). There is a free version. The free version can scan up to 500 pages.

Netpeak spider

Netpeak Spider Review - In 10 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth Review

A desktop SEO site audit tool is used for comfortable work. it brings great results.

Main functions:

  • internal links analysis;
  • broken links and redirects search;
  • duplicate content search;
  • internal page rank.
  • Operating systems: Windows.

Price: $ 19 per month. Additionally there is a free version. The free version has limitations: you cannot export reports, save projects, copy and filter data.

Netpeak Checker

This desktop technical SEO audit tool helps to analyze and collect search results. It processes data from various SEO services.

Main functions:

  • search results custom parsing;
  • page indexing bulk check;
  • large number of URLs by indicators of well-known SEO services comparison;
  • contact information quick collection (email addresses, phone numbers).

Operating systems: Windows.

Price: $19 per month. For users is available free version. The free version has limitations. With the help of it cannot be exported reports, can’t be saved projects, copied and filtered data.

SEO SiteCheckup

You will get quick guidelines on page title, meta tags, headings, and more on the page with this one of the best SEO audit software just after you enter your site url . The keywords of the site can be checked. The checkboxes will mark those items that do not require revision.

Key features:

  • you can check the site for SEO optimization (find problems related to SEO);
  • speed check of the site;
  • the degree of protection of the site checking;
  • usability on a mobile device checking.

Price: from $ 22.45 per month. The test period is 14 days, and there are free tools.

One of the best SEO audit software for marketers and SEO professionals that makes a complete SEO analysis of a website online, as well as searches for and checks for errors on the website that can negatively affect a website’s ranking in search engines. With the tool, the user can do a detailed technical SEO audit of both specific pages and the entire site.

Key features:

  • technical SEO audit of the site;
  • SEO audit of specific website pages;
  • analysis of competitors’ sites;
  • monitoring site positions;
  • monitoring of backlinks to the site.

Price: $ 23 – $ 79 per month.


How to Use XML Sitemaps to Boost SEO - Tree Web Solutions

This SEO auditing software helps to create xml sitemap. Such a map is needed so that search robots can understand what and where is on your site, which pages should be indexed. But it should be borne in mind that if a CMS is used, which involves the generation of a sitemap, then you should not use third-party services for these purposes.

Key features: generating a sitemap.

Price: Free up to 500 pages. Paid plan from $ 3.49 month.

Keyword Tools

Keyword Planner


Working with keywords is essential for SEO optimization. The Keyword Planner is seo auditing software helps you choose exactly the phrases that are best for promoting your website.

Key features:

  • selection of keyword options for specified conditions;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of keywords;
  • getting statistics of popular key queries.

Price: free.

Google Trends

Google Trends: Best Kept SEO Secret | G.P.S. by Greta Rose

A tool that shows the dynamics of the popularity of search queries.

Main functions:

  • Google search statistics;
  • analysis of seasonality and geography of queries;
  • comparison of the popularity of search queries.

Price: free.


KeyCollector is a multifunctional program for working with SEO and the semantic core in particular. Its great advantage is the availability of a detailed manual on the use and settings of the program.

Key features:

  • selection of target key queries;
  • assessment of various parameters: the cost of search queries, the level of competition, popularity, etc .;
  • determination of the most relevant pages for search engines;
  • analysis of site positions in the search results;
  • assessment of competition on demand.

Price: the price of the first license is ~ $ 30, the subsequent ones are cheaper. By purchasing a license, you can receive program updates for free.

SEO services for working with texts


Copywritely Lifetime Deal: SEO Content Optimization Tool | DealMango

A service that checks the quality of content optimization.

Key features:

  • checking text for plagiarism;
  • spam check;
  • readability check;
  • checking spelling, grammar.

Price: from $ 15 per month.

This site is known to many as a copywriting exchange, but it also provides some opportunities for optimizing the texts that you are going to publish on your site.

Key features:

  • checking the uniqueness of the text and spelling;
  • counting the number of characters in the text;
  • definition of keywords in the text;
  • determination of water content, spaminess and mixed words in the text;
  • search for copywriters and rewriters.

Price: Free.

Istio. Описание, отзывы, стоимость, аналоги

Another tool for working with texts. It will come in handy for those who pay a lot of attention to text content.

Key features:

  • determination of the number of characters and words in the text;
  • determination of water content;
  • statistics on the words of the text;
  • spellchecking.

Price: Free.


Copyscape Provides A Free Plagiarism Checker For Finding Copies Of Your Web Pages Online, As Well As Two More Powerful Professional Solutions For Preventing Content Theft And Content Fraud.

Here you can check if there are still copies of your site and its content on the Internet. Such is the highly specialized, but very useful functionality.

Key features:

  • checking the uniqueness of texts;
  • search for duplicate texts of your site on the Internet.

Price: free.


Service from the exchange copywriters Miratext. Allows you to carry out semantic analysis of the text

Key features:

  • semantic analysis of the text;
  • creation of technical specifications for copywriters.

Price: free.

Services for determining and checking site positions

The service checks the positions of the site and analyzes the positions of competitors.

Key features:

  • quick check of positions by keywords;
  • website visibility analysis;
  • analysis of competition;
  • search for site positions in all countries and cities.

Price: Free version – 300 checks per month. The price of the full version depends on the number of keywords and the number of checks.


Topvisor Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

The service provides a tool for monitoring site positions, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of site promotion on the Internet.

Key features:

  • selection of keywords;
  • checking the positions of the keywords of the site;
  • checking the positions of your videos on Youtube;
  • diagnostics of problems with indexing.

Price: each request is charged separately – up to ~ $ 0.014.

SE Ranking


Key features:

  • checking site positions;
  • selection of keywords and definition of frequency;
  • checking and monitoring links;
  • analysis of competition;
  • SEO audit.

Price: $ 9 to $ 189 per month. Free test for 14 days.

SEO link tools


Так ли важен CheckTrust (ЧекТраст) для проверки доноров? Разбираемся в работе сервиса — Блог — Линкбилдер

Service for checking the quality of sites.

Main functions:

  • checking the quality of links;
  • link building;
  • checking the site for the presence of links in the exchanges.

Price: ~ $ 7 – ~ $ 50 per month.


Как узнать траста сайта с FastTrust – SEO-блог Snarkfog

A program for determining the trust of sites.

Main functions:

  • checking the quality of links;
  • site indexing in Google and Yandex;
  • site presence in catalogs;
  • data about links and domains;
  • attendance;
  • social activity.

Price: ~ $ 41


Link monitoring service.

Key features:

  • checking backlinks for availability, availability for indexing;
  • checking the indexing of posted links in Google;
  • Telegram or email notifications if the service detects a problem.

Price: from $ 25 per month.

Analytics and experimentation tools

Google analytics

Настройка Google Analytics - Blockchain for connecting people

If you know what web analytics is, then you know Google Analytics. This tool is a real treasure trove of useful features for both web analysts and SEO specialists.

Key features:

  • analysis of site traffic through different channels;
  • analysis of sales and conversion;
  • analysis of user actions on the site;
  • mobile data analysis;
  • and another SEO analysis of the website pages (how much time visitors spend on the pages, how often they visit different pages, etc.)

Price: Free.


Plerdy — RetailersUA

Multifunctional SaaS solution to improve conversion on sites. One of the services – SEO alerts – monitors every SEO detail on the site and notifies about the most important changes. This tool gives you a unique opportunity to automate your SEO analysis and switch to other important tasks.

Main functions:

  • SEO audit of website pages – taking into account all important tags and elements;
  • analysis of the semantics of web pages; output of text statistics, top words, stop words;
  • automatically scans robots.txt files;
  • processes pages with the noindex tag;
  • recording information from various types of devices.

Price: service cost from $ 23 to $ 79. There is a free version.

Services for analyzing website loading speed

PageSpeed ​​Insights

Особенности Google PageSpeed: улучшение оценки сайта и его рейтинга в поиске / Хабр

A service from Google that analyzes the speed of loading pages on desktops and mobile devices, and also gives advice on how to increase the speed.

Main functions:

  • analysis of page loading speed;
  • recommendations for increasing the download speed.

Price: free.


GTmetrix | Website Performance Testing and Monitoring

Service for analyzing the site loading speed.

Main functions:

  • analysis of page loading speed;
  • performance monitoring;
  • analysis of site loading in different regions of the world;
  • analysis of site loading on mobile devices.

Price: $ 10 – $ 40 per month. There is a free plan.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools: How Pingdom Can Work for You | Makeoverarena

The service checks the page load time.

Main functions:

  • checking the speed of loading pages from different regions;
  • recommendations for improving download speed;
  • website availability monitoring (Uptime Monitoring);
  • monitoring transactions;
  • server monitoring.

Price: from $ 10 per month. There is a free period.


Webpagetest. Описание, отзывы, стоимость, аналоги

An essential tool for anyone looking to improve website performance

Main functions:

  • detailed check of page loading speed from different regions and browsers;
  • Creation of scripts that automate a multi-step test (for example, logging into a website or sending emails);
  • parallel testing of several pages to visually compare them with each other.

Price: free. API from $ 9.89 per month for 1200 tests.

Of course there are other tools for seo audit, among which can find the best variant for work even the most demandable user. But the best idea in any case is to ask for professional help in order to achieve the best results.


From the very beginning a search audit of sites will allow to take into account  those factors, which are important for promotion. They provide implementation of all the necessary elements. In fact before the final launch you can assess the readiness of the site. In the future it can be used for further SEO work. All the tools were created in order to find problematic points on the site. With the help of them is available identification and elimination of errors.

An audit helps to find the errors on the site. SEO analysis shows errors which have to be corrected. In such a way become available the main  prospects of your project. As for the priority edits, they are in the center of attention.

The place where your site will appear in the results of search depends on the evaluation of the page by the search engine. The low quality of the page would lead to it’s low positions in the list of search results.

It’s not enough to check one metric and think the site is good. Use a suite of tools and resources to collect data for your backlinks and analyze them correctly. Always check the SEO history of sites that link to you. Backlinks are very important to search engine optimization and will remain the most important ranking factor in the coming years.