Python SEO Is A New Trend In SEO Promotion of Every Site 

Python for SEO is one of the modern trends in digital marketing worth considering by anyone who wants to implement site optimization easily and quickly. How can programming help with SEO? You will be surprised, but knowledge of the Python programming language and Python scripts for SEO can help you automate many processes, save time, remove the need for expensive tools and reboot your site in search engine rankings. What’s the point of Python SEO? You will learn more about the essence of Python for marketers. It is time to reboot your knowledge in SEO programming and discover useful scripts.

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Python in a Nutshell

At the moment, this is one of the most vital and widespread programming languages ​​around the world. This language has recently been actively used for solving a large number of tasks, for instance, increasing productivity, simplifying workflows, and even for an effective SEO strategy. Python is a chance that will help you to change all your marketing results and strategies for attracting and converting customers.

Let’s highlight the overall essence. As you realize, it is a programming language that was officially introduced in 1991. It is an open-source technology with a huge developer community. This language remains universal because it has a huge library with a different set of functions, classifications, and standards that can be used for different purposes. And it’s not only about the technology of writing the code, but also the philosophy of development, which can be considered an explanation of the success of this programming language.

The main principles of Python are:

  • simplicity;
  • focus on code readability;
  • clarity;
  • practical application.

It’s worth noting that the learning process is incredibly easier than in other programming languages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Python 

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What are the main advantages and disadvantages of this programming language? Here are the main benefits you should know:

  • Development speed. Writing programs in the Python programming language requires much less code than other languages ​​such as Java. This significantly speeds up the development process.
  • Logical syntax. The logical syntax of this language can make the code easier to read and understand, making it much easier to master as well, even without technical skills. By the way, this language is considered the best option for beginners.
  • Extensive library. In addition to the availability of a standard library for this language, a large selection of additional libraries is available too.
  • Automation. This programming language allows you to automate most of the SEO tasks and replace many popular tools for SEO promotion.
  • Scalability. Programs and applications based on this language are easily extended due to the possibility of adapting their high-level logic.
  • Versatility. It is an interpreted language that is used on almost all modern platforms. The language code can be easily converted into a regular text document.
  • Global community. A large community of developers and enthusiasts of this language popularize its use.

Key Disadvantages

Despite the presence of many advantages, there are also disadvantages that should be considered before using Python for web development. One of its key drawbacks is insufficient performance. This disadvantage is more applicable to high-performance projects with huge architecture. When it comes to websites, things are much simpler. But when developing high-performance projects, you should be prepared for the fact that there may be a need for combination with other programming languages.

How It is Possible to Implement Python for SEO? 

Learning programming for the successful use of Python for SEO is a really necessary skill for a business owner. Most likely, you are already convinced of the need for this knowledge. Without knowledge of programming, you can spend a lot of time performing routine tasks, but programming can facilitate many of the tasks that SEO experts face.

As for the correlation between Python and SEO, today we can talk about their connection, indicating two goals:

  • analyzing large amounts of data without errors.
  • automation of tasks that allows you to take time to perform other tasks.

The key benefit of Python is that you do not need to be a technical expert to understand this language. Its simple syntax and extensive library make it the preferred programming language for every website owner, webmaster, and SEO specialist to learn.

Modern SEO is much more than link building, meta-tagging, or content writing. Therefore, modern SEO specialists have to use many tools to effectively implement SEO optimization. It is worth noting that the most effective tools are costly to use. 

Moreover, many professionals have to use several tools. But Python for marketers is a good alternative to many solutions. Although, most SEO specialists avoid using programming languages ​​due to the lack of technical skills. But as noted earlier, this programming language is accessible to study even for those who do not possess such knowledge. But in the context of SEO, this language can replace many tools.

How can Python help you solve SEO problems? Python provides the ability to automate some low-level tasks that usually take several hours to complete.

So, Python allows you to optimize many tasks that take a lot of time and effort. A significant advantage is that this programming language allows you to analyze large amounts of data. Below you will see the main applications of this language for SEO promotion.

URL Mapping

When changing the site address, webmasters often face such a problem as link breakage and redirection to error pages. But Python solves this problem by correlating old links with a new address. Python allows you to manage a large volume of pages both in an automated and manual way without any problems.

Internal Link Analysis

This technology can be useful in things like collecting information about internal links. How does it work? The technology allows you to analyze links, check for broken links, links to images without alt and tags, and so on. It is also possible to determine if the link is internal or external, whether they point to a subdomain.

In simpler terms, Python allows you to get a general map of your linking strategy and track actions to improve this strategy. It’s worth noting that on a small site it’s almost impossible to do it manually. And this technology allows you to do all this quickly and efficiently.

Keyword Search

SEO promotion is impossible without keywords, and programming with Python can help with this as well. This programming language allows you to categorize thousands of existing keywords depending on your niche. This task becomes possible through Deep Learning, which allows you to understand the purpose of each keyword and the search intent behind it.

Keyword Tracking

The technology can be useful for determining the effectiveness of keywords. It is possible to track behavior, obtain the necessary data to optimize content, and improve positioning on search pages.

Image Optimization

Website loading speed also plays an important role in overall website performance and SEO optimization. Python allows you to optimize images, and resize them without changing quality. You don’t need to use any additional tools to resize and then replace old images with new ones.

Performance Improvement

Python allows you to analyze each page of the resource and determine those factors that have a negative impact on the loading speed. Besides analyzing each page, you can get practical optimization tips.

Data Extraction

There is a possibility of parsing automation. That is the extraction and analysis of site data for various purposes. For example, understanding user behavior is one of the main use cases of Python for SEO goals.

What Python Scripts for SEO Should You Use 

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What scripts will be useful for SEO promotion? Here are some of the Python scripts for SEO you should discover.

Python SEO Analyzer

Thanks to this script, you can start analyzing your page, detect search engine optimization problems on each page. For example, this script will reveal the absence of metadata, titles that are repeated, the absence of markup, and so on.

Also, this script allows you to analyze your website’s word count as well as keyword information with an emphasis on common words in a niche. This analysis allows you to identify the overuse or lack of keywords. This is not the whole range of what this script can do, but it allows you to replace the use of many familiar tools and automate many processes in a few clicks.


As the name suggests, it’s obvious what task this script does. That is, it crawls and checks the site for 404 links. All you need to do is update the code by adding a sitemap and then run the check. Of course, there are other tools today that do the same thing. But given the simplicity of this script, you will be unlikely to use any additional tools.

Optimize Images

With this script, you can quickly and easily optimize the sizes of your images. This tool allows you to both compresses and optimizes the size of the file, individual images, and even all images that are in your current site directory. Please note that some files can be destructively optimized, that is, replace the original file with a new one. Therefore, it is worth creating copies of all images before running the script to create a backup.

How Else Can Python Help You in Automation Processes?

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There are some more interesting ways to use Python in the context of automating some processes that will come in handy in your routine. There are some interesting ideas you can use to optimize your productivity in digital marketing.

Collecting Information In Google

Finding relevant information on Google takes a lot of time, especially when preparing content for the site. Python is the tool that can make this whole process easier. A simple script can collect data from the Google search page on the topic you need.

Email Automation

If you spend a lot of time writing letters, then Python can also automate this process. You need to create a CSV file and add the information you want to send there. There are many simple tips on the net on how to accomplish this task.

Blogging Automation

Using the Python library will enable you to implement the speech recognition process. Using the helper as a writer, it will listen to what you say and translate it straight into the text. Afterward, this program will be able to convert the text into blog posts. So you can easily prepare articles for your blog.

PC Automation

With the right approach to the Python programming language, you can automate not only SEO but also make your PC perform the functions you need. Python allows you to create a personal assistant that can perform any task on your computer for you. For example, searching for pictures, moving files and much more.

As you can see, learning Python programming allows you to facilitate a lot of processes that are not limited to just SEO. With Python, you can automate many processes, which will eliminate the need for many (paid) tools and save you time.

How to Start Learning Python for SEO

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So, effective SEO promotion requires knowledge of the programming language, since this is a real opportunity to optimize SEO processes and not spend the budget on expensive tools. Where to start in learning this programming language?

  • Start by understanding the basic concepts of how this programming language works. This will provide an understanding of how this language will solve your problems from a technical point of view.
  • Study the freely available information. Moreover, today there are specialized courses with an emphasis on SEOs. In such courses, you will receive not only theoretical knowledge but also real-life tips, and you can immediately begin to apply knowledge in practice.

The Final Words

WordPress is one of the most popular and convenient CMS, which has great functionality. To get the most out of it, you should learn how to use this platform correctly by integrating Python, as an option. Such a language like Python opens up many opportunities for SEO optimization on which you will not need to spend a lot of time. Moreover, this programming language can simplify many processes and remove the need for additional tools.