Technical SEO audit

A technical audit of a site is the key to its reliable and long-term work! Website technical audit is a comprehensive analysis of the technical area that allows you to detect and eliminate various errors and problems that interfere with both the normal functioning of your website and its promotion in search engines. This part of the audit includes work with such factors: site loading speed, correct operation of its individual modules, elimination of broken links and duplicate pages, etc. Along with an SEO audit, a technical analysis of a site must be carried out before launching a project into full-fledged promotion.

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Search engines, which to this day remain one of the most effective sources of organic conversion (leading to sales) traffic, impose strict requirements on the technical condition of online stores. It is virtually impossible to get to the TOP of the search results by bypassing or ignoring these restrictions, if we are talking about a “white” business in one of the E-Commerce niches, or about an information site.

A complete, step-by-step analysis of the technical condition is rather important. It helps to solve such tasks:

  1. Search for errors. it’s carried out in the technical component of the resource. It includes the identification of problems in the site’s structure. it  shows the presence of multiple duplicates in case they were caused by the admin panel. it helps to find service duplicates. Also it shows incorrectly spelled metadata or their absence at all, 404 errors, not configured and not optimized filters in the online store categories, etc.
  2. Formation of technical specifications. They provide the elimination of technical shortcomings of the development department  from the SEO point of view, followed by monitoring the correctness of the implementation with technical SEO audit.
  3. Monitoring the implementation of improvements on the site and the subsequent compilation of a list of priority technical implementations to improve the indexing of key queries

Such factors as absence of errors, correct technical optimization, taking into account the latest requirements of search engines and timely introduction of innovations are rather important. And very often it becomes a strong competitive advantage. it’s able to give a tangible push to the site in the direction of the TOP. On the other hand, a weak technical component is the main obstacle to promotion, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of any other steps aimed at website promotion.

Website technical audit is a set of special works. It’s used to find and eliminate software and technical errors of a website.

With the help of technical analysis it’s possible to identify a list of implicit problems. Among them are errors in the code, wrong structure of the site, linking and detect duplicate content. Also here are taken into account meta tags, and looking for broken pages and other problems.

Conduct technical seo page audit

Initial technical audit of the site.

Technical audit is conventionally divided into two categories – initial, more general and detailed, more detailed and in-depth. Initial includes the following types of work:

  • analysis of the quality and quantity of external links to the resource,
  • diagnostics of the number of site pages included in the index of Yandex and Google search engines,
  • research of site indicators: age, TIC and PR, availability in Yandex. Catalogue, etc.,
  • checking the number of relevant pages of the resource for thematic queries in comparison with competing sites,
  • analysis of titles (window titles), meta tags (descriptions of pages, keywords, etc.).

Often, an initial audit is already enough to detect some system errors or problems in the technical side of the site. If, after eliminating the identified shortcomings, the site still does not reach the promoted positions (taking into account the competent promotion, of course), this may indicate the presence of even more serious omissions and the need for a deeper analysis of the resource with technical seo audit.

Deep technical audit

Includes such types of work as:

  • analysis of the software part, including the code and compliance of the site with W3C standards,
  • checking server settings,
  • diagnostics of hosting operation,
  • diagnostics of site navigation errors,
  • checking the resource for non-existent pages and diagnosing 404 errors,
  • data structure analysis,
  • diagnostics of the entire resource management system,
  • robots.txt analysis,
  • site layout diagnostics,
  • analysis of page loading speed,
  • analysis of the correct operation of individual resource services,
  • diagnostics of optimization of graphic elements, including flash-animation.

This is not a complete list of works, which may include a technical audit. If you order this procedure from a third-party organization, specialists at the end of diagnostics are required to provide a detailed report indicating all the errors found and recommendations for their prompt elimination with seo page audit.

Download speed

A good indicator for the page load speed at the moment is 2 seconds, and the speed of the html code is from 200 to 300 ms. Page loading speed affects the comfort of the users while visiting the site.

Therefore, the analysis of the site audit also includes taking into account the loading speed, according to which the search engine determines the ranking of the site.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is the presence of two or more pages with identical information content on them. They are divided into clear and fuzzy – respectively, on fuzzy ones there is a partial coincidence, and on clear ones there is full correspondence of information on pages with different addresses.

Broken links and 404 pages

Broken links negatively affect website promotion, you need to get rid of them. To find such links, the same Xenu program will help us. After the end of crawling, the program issues a report in which you can find something like this (the error code should be 404).

Broken links lead the user to a page that does not exist, or to another file that should be available at a specific address. After clicking on such a broken link, the user is redirected to a 404 page, which is often the server’s service page.

Summing up, SEO site audit allows you to identify and eliminate errors at each stage in order to eliminate them or debug. Based on the results of the audit, it is determined that the site meets the requirements of search engines, which will make it possible to promote the site more successfully in the future.

To find and fix all this, you can use the Screaming Frog tool, where all this information is displayed in an accessible and convenient form. The next point will be to check the loading speed of your site, since Google already takes this into account when ranking.

Session variables

Here you need to view the output of Yandex and google using the method that I wrote above with the detection of technical and all sorts of garbage pages. Here is an example when pages with session variables are found. These are duplicates, you need to get rid of them.

Canonical configured correctly

Canonical may or may not be on your site. But if it is, then you need to see if it works correctly, if there is a redirect to the necessary pages. I wrote more about canonical in my article, read it. You can check massively canonicals using the Screaming Frog program.

Users and robots see the same content

The visible content on the site and the content for the robot must be the same. Otherwise, the robot may understand that you are deceiving him and pessimizing the site in the search results. It is also called “cloaking” in another way.

You can check it by viewing and comparing a text copy in Yandex. You need to check all the typical pages on the site this way. Take one sample page and enter it into the search bar. Go to the saved copy to make SEO page audit.

Technical SEO audit services

There are special technical SEO audit services, which can be used for work.

Screaming frog

Complete Guide To Screaming Frog- An Unbeatable Tool For SEO

The site audit service will tell you almost everything about the resource, plus it helps you in your work, for example, it can generate a Sitemap file. The program was created by a British programmer who has been engaged in SEO-optimization of sites for several years. Perhaps thanks to the extensive experience of the SEO specialist, it was possible to create such a holistic and useful product. Screaming Frog is installed on a computer and analyzes resources using the user’s own server.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the limited free version, which allows you to analyze up to 500 site pages, or the full paid version. In addition to limiting the number of crawled pages on the site, the free version of Screaming Frog differs in a set of available functions.

It can be used as a test of the program, but for a full audit of the site, it is still better to purchase a one-year license. Considering that you can refuse most of the analysis services that you had to use before and do not have such a wide functionality, in the end you will save even more. The program has only an English-language version, but everything is very simple and understandable here, so it will not be difficult to understand the service tools for technical seo services.

Actually, everything is simple here. To add a site to start collecting data, you must enter the site address in the specially designated field and click on the Start button.

The program will automatically load all the information and sort it out on the shelves, that is, in tabs, for easy study. If you need to scan individual folders / pages of the site, then in the menu of the Screaming Frog program, go to the Configurations> Include tab and list them. And vice versa, if you need to exclude certain sections when generating data for resource analysis, go to the Configurations> Exclude section.

Here you can specify specific URLs, exclude folders, pages and files that contain certain words or characters.

Let’s consider a few more basic parsing settings in the Screaming Frog SEO Spider program:

If you want to speed up the process of parsing a site or there is simply no need to analyze certain types of files, you can exclude them in the Configurations> Spider> Crawl section.

Similarly, if you need to analyze only certain page parameters, for example, Title, Description and H1, then you can enable them in the Extraction tab, and exclude unnecessary ones.

In the Limit tab in the Limit Crawl Depth setting, you can specify limits on the parsing depth depending on the level of nesting of pages.

In order for the Screaming Frog program parser to analyze information in the same way as search engine robots, in the Advanced tab, check the boxes next to the Respect Noindex and Respect NoFollow fields. In addition, it will shorten the resource analysis time.

In the Preferences tab, you can specify the desired parameters for Title, Description and other scanned items. If the site is still closed from indexing, so that the Screaming Frog crawler can conduct an analysis, you must select the “Ignore robots.txt” option in the Configurations> Robots.txt> Settings tab.

Now let’s get acquainted with the main functionality of Screaming Frog and find out how you can use the information provided by the service and used by technical SEO consultant.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Website Crawler

Basic Features of Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The main site analysis tools are divided into sections of the service, represented by separate tabs. Let’s walk through them.

Internal tab

Here is information about the resource’s internal links. Depending on the settings, the data by page can be sorted alphabetically or in sequence according to the nesting of the pages, starting from the main page of the site. To study detailed information about each page, you need to click on its address in the analysis results.

External tab

 Introduces information about external links. The data in this tab allows you to analyze links that are directed from your own resource to a third-party site. It also contains information about encodings, types of links, location of pages containing external links and other data. If the main domain has subdomains and they are not taken into account in the settings, then Screaming Frog will perceive links to them as external. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you check the Crawl All Subdomains item in the Configuration menu in advance. In this case, the system will consider subdomains as part of the main resource.

Protocol Tab

Here you can see separately the pages with the http and https protocol. If the site is on https, and the analysis of the Screaming Frog program showed pages with http, check their server response code (Status Code should be 301) and the absence of links to them in the Inlinks tab. Response Codes Tab The tab dedicated to the server response codes. At the top of the page, you can set a filter based on the server response status class and other parameters.

URL tab

If you need to find out about pages with which something is wrong, go to this tab and see which pages Screaming Frog suspects of having errors. Checking the specified pages can make the optimizer’s life a lot easier. The list of problem pages can be supplemented by those that have: incorrect URL; dynamic address; there is a duplicate, etc.

Additional popular features of Screaming Frog The most frequently used function of Screaming Frog, which allows you to get the data provided by the service in a convenient and familiar form, is uploading to a separate Excel file. To do this, you need to click on the Export button, which is available on each screen of the service. It is very convenient and simple to create a Sitemap.xml file, which is necessary to increase the efficiency of the process of crawling a site by search engine bots. Screaming Frog has a Sitemap section where you can create this file.

Official website:

SEOptimer free and online website review and SEO audit tool. Quick and simple Search Engine … | Seo analysis, Search engine optimization seo, Website analysis

SEOptimer is an easy to use audit and reporting SEO tool. With the help can be improved your website ranking. The potential problems also can be identified with its help. They might be used to hold your website back from its potential.

This tool, which is used by technical seo consultants, for those who owe a small business, helps  to analyze and grade your website. For those who are interested in great result there is a great set of features.

SEOptimer with a streamlined, modern interface claims to have a rating to rule everyone.  It’s a pretty ambitious requirement for a free tool. It helps to check your site’s SEO.

Official website:

SemRush Audit Tool

Nikola Minkov participated in SemRush webinar "SEO Audit / SEO Surgery India 2.8" - SEO Agency Serpact™

This tool from the very beginning was rather perspective. It can be effectively used within the development company. Nowadays it’s a full-fledged service. No big surprise, that it causes expressed interest from the outside. But nowadays it’s available for corporate clients  and freelancers.

The service is an assistant, which should be in the center of attention of specialists in the optimization of Internet resources. It’s used in building plans for SEO activity. It processes data on search queries and strategies of competing companies. The developers actively use SEMrush. It helps with possible errors in HTML tags. With its help can be found broken links, and duplicate content. Such problems, as lack of meta descriptions, also can be detected.

It is rather useful tool. It provides a complete set of features. If you use SEMrush, you don’t need any other SEO validator and keyword analyzer. SEMrush as technical seo audit software brings you everything from competitor analysis to finding the best keywords under one roof. Let’s take a closer look at the best features.

Official website:


A technical SEO audit of a site is a detailed analysis of a resource for the absence of technical errors, as well as for compliance with Google’s requirements. This is a number of measures aimed at determining the effectiveness of the functioning of the site or its individual parts from a technical point of view. As a result of such a procedure, you can identify the weaknesses of the resource and get recommendations for correcting the identified errors.

Knowing what an audit is, experts recommend conducting it at least twice a year, or even more often. At the same time, this must be done both when the resource is at the launch stage, and when it is fully functioning. Technical SEO makes it possible to identify the features of layout, innovations in the work of search engines, consumer interests, etc.

Sometimes the audit has to be done unscheduled. An example of such a situation is low positions of a resource, low conversion, or a decrease in performance due to search engine filters.

During the analysis, it is necessary to check:

  • presence of errors in the code;
  • the efficiency of loading the source;
  • quality of layout, hosting;
  • correctness of server responses;
  • no page duplicates;
  • correctness of redirects;
  • optimality of server settings and site indexing.

In addition, you need to check the resource for broken links (404 errors) and the correct architecture. We recommend that you draw up a checklist that needs to be analyzed during this procedure.

With a successful audit, the growth of positions and site traffic is noticeable already in the first weeks after the implementation of the optimization program developed on the basis of its results. We recommend that you carry out a check under the following circumstances:

  • traffic has stopped growing or is falling;
  • the resource does not bring sales;
  • there is a need to check the current contractor;
  • the launch of a new site is planned.

How to do a technical SEO website analysis? There are several options for how to analyze a project and perform technical seo audit report:

  • Performing work without assistance. This method is more suitable for those who do not pursue any global goals in promoting. Otherwise, there is a chance of just wasting time.
  • Using special programs. On the Internet, you can find many programs, both paid and free, that will help identify and eliminate technical errors that interfere with the further promotion of the site.
  • Contacting specialists. A professional audit will help you to conduct an in-depth analysis, get a detailed report on the errors found, as well as the best options for their elimination.

As a rule, it takes 15-20 working days for SEO specialists to conduct those site audits with technical SEO audit software. The duration of the work depends on the scale and complexity of a particular project. After their completion, the indexing of the page should improve, as well as eliminate all errors that impede its effective promotion.