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WordPress is the most popular engine for information sites. There are many reasons for the advantages of this CMS. Among them are free-to-license, ease of operation, and the ability to connect plug-ins that extend the functionality of the platform. But the ease of development and management is not a guarantee of profitability of the site. One of the most important factors is the ability to promote it. In this article, we will consider the SEO capabilities of WordPress and describe some popular services for search engine optimization sites. 

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The SEO of WordPress Sites

WordPress has many advantages associated with the configuration and promotion of sites. A huge number of different plugins greatly expand the capabilities of the platform. This makes the system almost a universal CMS, which is used to create corporate sites, online stores, and other types of online resources.

Fortunately, sites on this platform are great for SEO, and in this article, we want to share some basic recommendations for optimizing such resources.

You should think about SEO even when creating the site, to avoid difficulties in the future. In particular, the effectiveness of promotion can affect the choice of a domain name, as well as the hosting provider.

Many optimizers recommend using the name of the domain the word associated with your niche. This is not a mandatory selection criterion, but it can have a positive effect on the rankings. In any case, your domain name should be brief and readable, so that users were easier remember it. If you buy an already registered domain to avoid the sandbox, make sure that it has not previously fallen under the filters of search engines.

Website hosting is also important. If the terms of the contract with the provider of your site will be placed a lot of advertising, it will have a negative impact on the user experience and on positions. The server must be located in your country, or close to it because this will depend on the speed of the resource for users. All these rules are identical for sites created on WordPress and other CMS systems. 

Structure and Configure WordPress Sites for SEO

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Search engine indexing is a key element of promoting your site on WP. Indexing is how a search engine collects information about a site’s content. Based on this information, search engine algorithms determine which queries users can get a relevant response to. And also how valuable your content is compared to other resources. If for some reason, the indexing didn’t go correctly, then some of all the pages on your site may not appear in search results.

First of all, make sure that the site is open for indexing. To do this, go to the settings section in the WP administrative panel. Remove the checkmark prohibiting indexing in the section Visibility for search engines.

After that, you need to make sure the robot.txt file is correct. It is located in the root directory of the site. This file is used by search engine bots to determine what content should be indexed. 

Проверка robots.txt: синтаксис и рекомендации [примеры кода]

The following types of content and pages should be blocked from indexing in the robot.txt:

  • archives;
  • comments;
  • RSS feeds;
  • tags;
  • service sections.

To complete this, use the Disallow directive. Example: Disallow: */comments/. But images in robot.txt, as a rule, are closed for indexing. If you add an Alt attribute and specify a relevant title when uploading, the images can attract additional traffic from the search on images. Therefore, it is better to remove the ban on their indexing. Also in this file, you must specify the path to the sitemap (sitemap.xml), which we will talk about next.

URL pages should not consist of a random set of characters. This makes it difficult for users to navigate on the site and therefore has a negative impact on its position in extradition.

To fix this, go to the settings of your admin panel. Select the Persistent Links section and specify the best option for your URL formation. We recommend By the title of the entry. This way, users will be able to see the name of the page they are on in the address, as well as the shortest path from it to the home page.

What is an XML sitemap and why should you have one? • Yoast

Create a sitemap.xml for your site to speed up indexing. This file gives cues to the search engine bots as to the order in which pages should be crawled. It also makes it easier for them to navigate your site. In addition, sitemap.xml notifies the search engines of new content on the site. This allows new pages to appear in the search engine results faster.

When working with WordPress and SEO, it is essential to pay attention to meta tags. We also recommend installing the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for easy handling of meta tags. Once installed, an SEO item will appear in your admin panel. Go to it and select Titles and metadata.

Here you can automatically find duplicate or incorrect titles and descriptions in the General section. You can change the title of the selected page in the SEO Title section, and specify the description in the field under the Meta Description item.

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One of the features of SEO for WordPress websites is the availability of all sorts of plugins. They come in paid and free. You can install All in One SEO, SEOPress, Rank Math, and Yoast SEO plugins, which we wrote about above, in a couple of clicks. They make it much easier to index pages, manage meta tags and other SEO metrics. 


Most WordPress SEO expert believes that the promotion of sites on this CMS does not differ from the optimization of web resources on other systems. Everything is even simpler here. You have a set of paid and free plugins, as well as easy menus and navigation on your site. There are many myths that SEO for WordPress websites is more complicated and less effective. This is not true. You do not need to use special WordPress SEO services to successfully index the site on this engine. Follow our recommendations and your site will be at the top.